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Tip #4 - Airblast Aquastorm

The Airblast Aquastorm slurry blasting system allows full flexibility to accomodate changes in the surface being cleaned / blasted. In contrast to other blasting procedures, this is adjustable at will, allowing the operator to go from heavy blasting to gentle cleaning as the surface dictates.

The Airblast system handles industrial maintenance applications, such as cleaning or removing layers of concrete, removal of paint by layers, total coating removal to specified degree of cleanliness (white metal etc.) Or removal of oxidized layers from steel, with ease. The system is also very effective in sensitive applications such as the petrochemical industry, where sparks or static electricity are prohibitive (by coating each particle of the blast medium with water, the system effectively eliminates this concern). Spark Test Certificate is available.

With Airblast Aquastorm systems your bottom line per blasting hour is lower. By reducing abrasive consumption by up to 60% and consumption of water per area-unit drastically, the advantages are obvious: You give some relief to your wallet as well as the environment. Another benefit of the system is the extended service life of blasting hoses and nozzles. These high wear accessories can last up to four times as long due to the reduced friction from the water encased blasting media particles.

Another positive effect on ecology and economy, is up to 95% dust reduction when using Airblast Aquastorm systems. This allows minimized or no containment, and no dust collectors or negative pressure. Further it allows complete and easy access around the entire structure being cleaned / blasted.
There is also no need for air supplied hoods, which pleases the employee, as well as public perception of the work being performed.

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Tip #4 Airblast Aquastorm


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