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Merger AB-Techno Holding and Blastman Robotics

AB-Techno Holding B.V., the Holding Company of the Airblast Group of Companies and Blastman Robotics Ltd. have completed a merger whereby AB-Techno Holding acquired a major part of the shares of Blastman Robotics.

The merger will be highly beneficial to our clients and distribution partners since they can now have immediate access to a wider portfolio of products in the surface treatment market. Blastman Robotics Ltd. as worldwide leading supplier of robot operated blasting systems will strengthen the technology portfolio of the Airblast group.

AB-Techno and Blastman will be partners in a strategic alliance and continue to operate independently. Both will focus on what it does best and learn to use the resources and capabilities of the other to achieve mutually set goals.

We are sure that our clients and distribution partners, being our main asset, will soon agree that the change is beneficial for your company as well and that’s the real target we are aiming for.

Both Mr. Cees Bekink vice-chairman of AB-Techno Holding and Mr. Perttu Junnila CEO of Blastman Robotics expressed their enthusiasm and look forward to expanding the sales of Blastman partly through using the Airblast worldwide network of offices and distributors.



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