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Step 5 - Adhesion

Assuming that the initial steps in the blasting and painting process have been carried out correctly the substrate should have been blast cleaned to provide the required standard of cleanliness and the correct surface profile, and the coating should have been applied at the correct film thickness, with both processes taking place in climatic conditions which avoid unwanted condensation on the substrate or coated surface.

The next step in the process is to verify that the coating is adhered to the substrate correctly – if the coating is not adhered correctly the coating may suffer premature failure.

There are two basic types of adhesion test: destructive and non-destructive. As well as providing immediate results to satisfy job completion procedures, the non-destructive adhesion test can be used as part of a long term maintenance programme.

HAT-500 Hydraulic Adhesion Tester

CHC520 Cross Cut Adhesion Test


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AIE - The Guide breaks down the inspection process into six distinct steps. Each stage in the process of surface treatment is critical in guarding against premature coating failure.

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