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Airblast pipecoating equipment + winch

The Airblast Pipecoater-I, II, III and IV are designed to coat the inside of pipes and tubes quickly and evenly without the need to rotate the item. Both machines comfortably handle most long life heavy duty protective paint coating systems. Either unit simply couples to a suitable airless paint spray machine of minimum 45:1 ratio.

In operation a rotating head, powered by an airmotor throws paint by centrifugal force at an evenly metered flow against the surface. Pipecoater is manually pulled through the pipe at a pre-determined speed based on paint film thickness and type of coating.

Pipecoater-I for internal diameter sizes from 4" to 7" (90 - 180 mm).
Pipecoater-II for internal diameter sizes from 7" to 38" (180 - 950 mm).
Pipecoater-III is an economy model for pipes in the range 3" to 35" (75 - 900 mm).

SWS semi-automatic winch system

The Airblast semi-automatic winch system is specially developed for the Airblast Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment like the Circleblast, Spinnerblast and Jumboblast as well as for the Airblast Pipe Coating Equipment like the Pipecoater-III/125/300/900.

This machine is designed with a PLC controlled hoisting system to pull at the blast hose with an adjustable constant speed to clean the inside of pipes. The speed can be adjusted from almost zero to 15mtr/minute.

Internal Pipecoater I

Internal Pipecoater II

Internal Pipecoater III/125

Internal Pipecoater III/300

Internal Pipecoater III/900

Internal Pipecoater IV

Winch System



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