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Tip #7 - Grit Recycling Systems

What type should I buy?
The type of system that you will require depends on the method you like to use or feel will give you the lowest costs for completing the work you want to bid on. Just as every job is different, every contractors’ approach to completing the work is different.

There are basically three types of recycling systems on the market today.

1. Grit recycling trailer that will output cleaned grit at a low level (2-3’ above ground)

This system represents the least costly piece of equipment to recycle steel grit. It is also the slowest, lowest production and most labor intensive to operate. Very simply, the low initial cost is offset by a high operating cost.

2. Grit recycling trailer that will output cleaned grit at a high level (fills mobile 5-8 ton pots)

This approach is similar to 1. except that it is designed to process AND store dirty and clean material to be loaded into mobile vessels. In most cases, it must be used with a mobile vacuum truck, which is used to vacuum up the dirty steel grit and deposit it for loading into the recycling machine. Essentially, this machine loads dirty grit, cleans it and stores it ready for loading into mobile pots. By design, the steel grit must be handled TWICE before it gets to the storage area where it is processed. This system gives the user flexibility to use mobile pots but requires the use of a vacuum truck to vacuum and transport material. This process adds a considerable amount of labor to the process.

3. Grit recycling trailer that can recover grit, clean it and transfer to a pressure vessel.

This type may also include: compressor, air dryer, diesel vacuum, dust collector, etc. This system offers the user a truly self contained mobile system that can handle vacuum recovery, steel grit recycling and blasting with a variety of pressure vessels. It allows the user to operate with the fewest number of workers. Labor will ALWAYS be the lowest because the grit is only loaded or handled once. Loading of the pressure vessel is manual or automatic. For users who need rapid mobility and low labor costs, this type of system provides the best chance of achieving those goals.

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Tip #7 Grit Recycling Systems


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